Siebel Bookshelf

We all know the Siebel Bookshelf, but do we really know it?

This page is dedicated to guide you to some really useful information which is ready to be consumed from the public internet, legally. The information here will be updated regularly.

1. Facts about the Siebel Bookshelf
  • You don't need any account or password to get access to the Siebel Bookshelf. In fact, it is here.
  • If you are online most of your work day, you don't need to download the bookshelf. In fact, it is frequently updated and revised, so your downloaded copy becomes obsolete soon.
  • You can use Google to search the Siebel Bookshelf (because it's on the public internet).
UpdateVladimir from Slovakia (and Piyush for 8.2) have created custom Google search engines for the following versions of Siebel bookshelf:

Siebel Bookshelf 6.x (Siebel 2000)

Siebel Bookshelf 7.0.x

Siebel Bookshelf 7.5.x

Siebel Bookshelf 7.7

Siebel Bookshelf 7.8

Siebel Bookshelf 8.0

Siebel Bookshelf 8.1

Siebel Bookshelf 8.2

    2. Recommended Reading

    I often recommend the following guide in the Siebel Bookshelf to people who wish to get an understanding of... 

    Developing and Deploying Siebel Applications

    The guide hasn't been updated in a while so some of the information is a bit "old school". The most stunning part is that it contains a complete case study (using a fictitious company called NREC) about a Siebel CRM implementation project. The case study touches on typical development tasks such as setting up a development environment, creating new views, VBCs and using Assignment Manager and Siebel Workflow.

    Click the image for the PDF version

    What's New in this Release?

    Every bookshelf document has a chapter titled "What's New in this Release?". Using this chapter, we can derive the most important enhancements and new features between the previous and the current release.

    For example, the version 7.8 Order Management Infrastructure Guide's "What's New..." chapter reveals how much has changed between 7.7 and 7.8 in this module.

    We can even use Google to get a list of all "What's New" pages of Siebel bookshelf.

    Siebel Query Language

    It's the core expression language of Siebel CRM. Used in queries (hence the name), calculated fields, iHelp branches, personalization rules, runtime events, you name it.

    So where's the documentation of the Siebel Query Language?

    The answer is two-fold:

    You can use the this chapter in the Personalization Administration Guide as a starting point.

    Language Reference

    The Siebel 7.0 bookshelf contains translation references for all (then) supported languages.

    English - German
    English - French

    Replace the language code (deu) at the end of the URL and get more:

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    Piyush Gupta said...

    Siebel Bookshelf 8.2


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    Rick Setzpfand said...

    (1) The link "here" to the Bookshelf in section 1 appears to be broken (Error 404).

    (2) There also is a language lookup for Dutch (using "nld").


    Alexander Hansal said...

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    many thanks for the notice. I have updated the link.

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