Welcome to the Siebel Essentials Favorites page! Here you can easily access the most popular posts as well as other useful websites.

Some really popular Siebel Essentials Posts (randomly sorted)

Google maps in Siebel CRM
Import data from a file in Siebel CRM without scripting
The scriptless Siebel challenge
Siebel CRM 8.1.1.x BI Publisher series
The Original: Oracle BI EE Variables

Sites you should visit regularly

Oracle Technology Network
Oracle iLearning
Oracle by Example - Tutorials (Oracle Learning Library)
Oracle.com Sitemap

The Student Favorites post

All important links for students (and other people) in one post.

Some really useful web sites (if you're into Siebel CRM)

Oracle Siebel Applications Documentation (aka Bookshelf) start page
Siebel Unleashed blog
Impossible Siebel blog

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Some really useful web sites (if you're into Oracle BI EE and BI Publisher)

Oracle Business Intelligence Documentation start page
Rittman Mead blog
OBIEE 101 blog

BI Publisher OTN Home Page
BI Publisher Demoshelf

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Some more awesome web sites

Rich Enterprise Applications (ADF) Sandbox Server
Animated demonstration of Application Integration Architecture (AIA)

more to come...

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Naga Chokkanathan said...

Hello Sir,

Good Morning,

My Name is Naga, I work for a company called CRMIT (http://www.crmit.com/).

I am a regular reader of your blog "Siebel Essentials", I have learnt so much from your posts and shared with my colleagues, Being a Siebel Trainer myself, I know how valuable these material could be, for those who are learning first time,

Our company (CRMIT) maintains a blog @
blog.crmit.com which is focusing on CRM / CX topics,

Can I request you to write a guest article for our blog? Hope this is
not too much of a trouble, Eager to hear from you. Thank you.

Naga Chokkanathan

Alexander Hansal said...

Hello Naga,

many thanks for your feedback and your request for a guest article.

I would be honored to contribute to your blog. Please let me know what kind of topic you're interested in.

have a nice day