Thursday, April 03, 2014

Siebel Marketing: Campaign Execution Options

One of my favorite Siebel CRM classes is Siebel Marketing Manager. It is a three day course which I have co-designed. Despite the fact it should be upgraded to the latest Siebel version, it is a solid foundation training.

In a recent instance of this class, students inquired about the execution options for campaigns. There are a lot of settings which control the load, launch and delivery behavior of a campaign. You find them when you go to the Design tab for a campaign and navigate to the Execution Options - Advanced view (the technical view name is Campaign Admin Customer Management View).

Now it is not really an established tradition on Siebel Essentials to plagiarize on the Siebel bookshelf but the Siebel Marketing User Guide does a nice job on explaining all these settings.

But I decided to pick some settings which might be of interest to the greater public:

Assignment Options: These settings allow you to control manual or automatic (!) assignment of campaign members using Assignment Managers. The assignment rules must be in one assignment group.

Collaboration Options: Controls whether agents are able to edit certain fields of the campaign members such as the Done flag. In addition, you can control which follow-up buttons are enabled for this campaign.

Delivery Options: When the Use Pregenerated Files flag is set to true, the launch process will use the most recent delivery file (in the List Distribution view), which you probably have pre-generated manually to save time. The Route Contacts and Route Prospects flag control whether to synchronize campaign members to mobile databases. As an older bookshelf version states, Expert Services must be engaged for this.

Load Options: The campaign load process can be controlled through these options. You can choose for example to purge the "Campaign History" (which is the campaign members list) for each new load or create a new wave or use the "most recent good wave". In addition, you can specify which Source Code Format to use and select custom workflow processes to execute before or after the load process or after the launch process. These custom workflow processes must be in the Marketing Custom Workflows group to appear in the pick list.

Email Campaign: These options are only available in version or higher and are visible in the "simple" execution options view (without "Advanced" in the name). They allow using a new feature in the Email Sending Daemon to save copies of all emails to a specified directory.

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R said...

Hi Alex, we have been checking the Siebel Marketing functionality. However we have an issue.
We have created a list format in Oracle BI, we have link that format to a campaign during the design phase but once we launch the campaign Siebel generates the respective list distribution record with the header but without the list contact/prospects in the list. Do you know why this could happen?. Thank you in advance.

Alexander Hansal said...

Hi R,

there could be various reasons such as:

1. The "Re-qualify" filter is not set on the list format criteria.

2. The allocation or loading process of the campaign is not complete.

3. Wrong subject area for the list format.

It might be worthwhile to use one of the as-delivered list formats for testing/verification.

Also you might want to try and test/preview your list format with the Id of the campaign or with the segment you're using.

have a nice day


R said...

Hi Alex, thank you for your reply. I was following the instructions on the course for the lab 7 but I think that there is a mistake with the statement used in the filter for the format (BI). I had to add {0} to the statement so once the campaign have been launch, the list distribution is load with the contacts/prospects based on the list format filter.
Once again, thank you for your posts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

We are looking at Siebel Marketing functionality and we have a requirement that we believe is not covered OOTB but perhaps is there any approach for it.

We will launch a campaign with an offer in different channels (email, call center, web, atm, etc). When customer answers to the offer in any of these channels, all the other channel offers must be removed. For example: if customer responds to call center agent and this response is registered in Siebel, all the other channels that have the actual offer must removed it in order to not saturate the customer.

Is there any approach for it with OTTB functionality?

Thank you for your reply.