Tuesday, April 08, 2014

New Oracle University Course: Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API

Oracle University and this humble writer are proud to announce the availability of a new course which extends the existing Siebel Open UI Foundations offering (which is a prerequisite for the new course).

The new three day course is titled Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API.

Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API course description.
The course will be available as in-class training and live virtual class (LVC) formats and yours truly would be delighted to welcome you to class soon.

The course covers the following areas of Siebel Open UI scripting:
  • The architecture and files used in customizations
  • Administering customizations
  • Writing code to use the Siebel Open UI JSAPI to implement common form and list applet customizations
  • Debugging
  • Implementing application-wide customizations
  • Calling external libraries
  • Using Siebel Tools in conjunction with Open UI
  • Using the JSAPI with Mobile applications
  • Migrating customizations.
See you in class soon ;-)


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Elango said...

Thanks @lex. Its very happy to hear a bunch of announcements from Oracle for Siebel CRM this year. There is no doubt that Oracle is very serious about the Siebel portfolio.