Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Helpers: Clear Cache Browser Extension

Among the uncountable browser extensions for Google Chrome, there are many which prove useful for the weary Siebel Open UI developer.

One of these extensions should stand representative for them all, and I really use it a lot.

The extension is simply called "Clear Cache", and this is exactly what it does. What I particularly like are the options which allow total control over what part of the browser cache is wiped out and whether to reload the active tab right away.

I also configured a keyboard shortcut, so I can tell you, I am saving a lot of clicks while working on my Open UI scripts.

What is your favorite extension for Open UI related work? Drop it in the comments.

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prasanth.s said...

I don't want to loss my data or opened sessions in Chrome, So I am always using Incognito mode for developing openUI plugins.

Static Variable said...

This might sound funny, but I keep on mixing up my passwords on the different environments during migration.

So I use the remember password extension on Chrome. Saves me lot of effort !