Monday, April 23, 2012

Siebel Open UI Update

During OpenWorld 2011, Oracle announced Siebel CRM Innovation packs. The Siebel community was especially alert when Siebel Open UI was announced as part of the first innovation packs.

While it has been a bit quiet around Open UI recently, Oracle is busy preparing statements of directions. So make sure you check out Oracle Support frequently for news.

While we are waiting anxiously for the release, I am glad to be able to share some details on Siebel Open UI.

First some facts about Siebel versions:
  • Customers interested in Siebel Open UI should be on SIA 8.1 or higher.
  • Open UI will be part of the 2012 innovation pack.
  • Please don't ask when. It'll come ;-)
The Contact List View in Siebel Open UI. Click to enlarge.
(Note the "Siebel 2000 style left hand navigation")
Now let's have a look how Oracle positions Siebel Open UI:

A future-proof web user interface should fulfill the following requirements:
  • Work in any browser.
  • Support native browser features such as zoom, bookmark, tabbed browsing, spell check.
  • Support connected and disconnected mode.
  • Adapt to the device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) dynamically.
  • Support open standards like HTML and CSS.
  • Be fully customizable with JavaScript.
The good news is of course that Siebel Open UI will fulfill all of the above. It supports all major modern browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as well as tablet or smartphone browsers. In fact, Open UI is designed to degrade gracefully to the lowest supported version of HTML (5 or 4) and CSS (3 or 2) for maximum compatibility.

Or do you prefer "Siebel 7/8" screen tabs? Click to enlarge.
Existing Siebel customers will have the following questions:

What is the effort to deploy Siebel Open UI?

The answer from Oracle is that Open UI is an alternative to the existing HI and SI user interfaces which we all love. So basically, you apply the innovation pack and then set up a separate object manager with the magic "Open UI parameter". Open UI builds on top of all existing applet and view definitions and web templates. Existing browser script will remain unchanged.

Can we configure it?

Of course, you can! If you are comfortable with CSS, JavaScript frameworks and HTML, you can extend Siebel far beyond what has always been powerful customization ability with Siebel Tools (which is still used as before).

Siebel Open UI on the iPad. Click to enlarge.
More information

Here are some last minute bullet points which will keep us salivating until GA:
  • Native "app" look and feel
  • Data preview and auto fill
  • Efficient navigation and keyboard shortcuts
  • Screen reader support
  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP) support
  • Portal/Portlet friendly
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Henk Wiedig said...

You say "The good news is of course that Siebel Open UI will fulfill all of the above."

I doubt at least for support of tabbed browsing if they do not introduce a major session management change.

But i hope they prove me wring.

Anonymous said...

Open GUI..very nice thing to know from Orcale
-- Nagarjuna challa

Dhanem said...

Do you know if other JS Frameworks will be usable with Open UI such as ExtJS ?

Thank you.

Peter Yeung said...

A new Siebel UI for me to reskin :) Can't wait until it comes out.

Anonymous said...

ETA: Siebel maintenance release verison, November 2012. Just on time for Thanksgiving:-)


Me said...

Has anyone tried this with a common automated browser test tool such as Selenium? I asked Oracle but they said that they had not which is rather disappointing.

chandan chandwani said...

Thanks Alex your blogs are always informative ...

Many Siebel shops are waiting for this innovation pack

My query is while reviewing the architecture i have seen they have extracted the Siebel Object JS to the UI Layer for Open UI....

How this is going to support the custom UI Objects like Applets Views created ...

Alexander Hansal said...

Hi Chandan,

many thanks for your comment. Indeed, there is great interest and even greater expectations in Open UI.

For your questions to be answered, I think we have to wait until the release date.

But what I garner from the information provided by Oracle so far is that applets and views (oob or custom) are supported by Open UI in a manner similar to how they are supported today in HI or SI clients.

have a nice day


Siddharth said...

Thanks for the info :-).
One query, will it work on Siebel Remote too?

Alexander Hansal said...

Hi Siddharth,

as far as I interpret the current statement of direction, there will be support for the Mobile Web Client as well as new mobile applications.

have a nice day


Mohamed Hashim said...

@ Siddharth,
Siebel Open UI will help users work in both connected as well as diconnected (sync later) modes. Siebel Remote will probably be over shadowed with this capability. Also I understand that Android devices will work well with a Siebel Open UI enabled application. Saw a demo and believe it will breathe new life into existing UPDATED & UPGRADED Siebel apps.

Anonymous said...

Are there any Automated testing tools available for Siebel Open UI?

Scott Wilson said...

@Me and @Anonymous (or anyone else)

I'm going to be trying to use Selenium against Open UI in the next couple of weeks.

Any input or suggestions would be very welcome


Jason Koch said...

Hi @Scott, did you have any luck with selenium and openui?

Jason Koch said...

Hi Scott - did you have any success with Open UI / Selenium?


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott - Interested in knowing if Selenium worked with Siebel Open UI?

Karthik C

karthik said...

Hi Scott -

Did Selenium work with Open UI?