Thursday, April 19, 2012

Siebel BI Publisher Reports - Parameter Enhancements

It has been a while that I discussed Siebel BI Publisher Reports. In the recent maintenance release as well as in, there have been numerous enhancements in this area, one of which is directed at parameterized reports.

I decided to pimp my sandbox environment to patch, apply ACR 719B, install BI Publisher and give it a try. Here is what I found while trying the parameter enhancements:

1. Declare parameters in the RTF template

This is not new and had to be done in previous versions (as described here). But now you can refrain from declaring the list of values and default values in the RTF template. You can simply declare the parameter and that's it. Here is an example:

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I added the following parameter declaration to the Account List report:


You see that my example revolves around a custom report title. So I also modified the header section to check if the parameter has been set and display its value if this is the case:

<?if:$ReportTitle=''?>Account List<?end if?><?if:$ReportTitle!=''?><?$ReportTitle?><?end if?>

Upload the template as usual (BTW, Siebel no longer requires you to delete the existing report object in the BIP repository).

2. Set the Parameters flag for the report template in the Siebel client

Report templates now have a Parameters flag which must be checked if a report contains parameters. This flag triggers the display of the new parameter applet when the user runs the report.

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3. Declare the report parameter in the Siebel client

In the Parameters applet at the bottom of the report template view, you must now declare the parameter (using the exact name which you used in the RTF template). Additionaly you assign a label, default values and even a pick list. You can also define the data type, order (sequence in the run-time parameter applet) and required flag for the parameter. For multilingual environments, there is the possibility to translate the label text.

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4. Run the report

Now it's time to test. When you run the report, the Report Parameters applet is generated and allows the user to select or enter values.

After clicking Submit, the "normal" output type selection follows. Once you click Submit in that applet, the report is generated.

Voilá, the text "My Custom Title" is displayed as the report title.


Siebel maintenance release includes some interesting enhancements for BI Publisher reporting. The new parameter definition in the client allows to create a much more flexible parameter selection applet for the end users.

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