Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let 'em Roll

As a long-time valued reader of this humble blog, you know that I take linking serious. This is why you find an extensive blogroll on the right hand side of the page.

At the moment, 40 Oracle BI blogs, 26 Siebel CRM blogs and 35 other Oracle and IT related blogs are listed. That is a total of 101 blogs.

Recently, I noticed that some of the blogs are stale, with the latest post being more than a year old. So the blog owner has definitely mothballed his/her cabinet.

I am in the process of filtering these stale blogs out and looking for fresh new blogs on the block.

Image source: Georgia Blogroll
I am calling out to the Siebel Essentials reader community: If you know of an interesting and honest blog (please no copy/paste rats) related to OBIEE, Siebel CRM, Oracle Fusion Applications or Oracle/IT in general, please find the comment section and let me know, so I can include it in the blogroll.

have a nice day



mroshaw said...

Hi @lex!

Personally, I love:

Siebel Essentials (of course!)
Siebel Unleashed
Impossible Siebel

I refer to those sites pretty regularly.

It's a shame that there are a few sites out there that just push out copies of Bookshelf entries, MOS entries (which I imagine Oracle would be quite displeased about, as they're not getting their support revenue) and worse, copies of articles from other sites.

However, I love how the Siebel social community has exploded (not literally) over the last few years and I think the number of quality sites out there far exceed the odd poor one.

Certainly, if you think back to the old days (1999 - 2000) there was NOTHING on the web to support Siebel developers. IT Tool box was in it's infancy, but I could never (and still cannot) get used to the horrible site structure and incessant requests to register. With OTN and all these lovely bloggers, there has never been such a wealth of shared Siebel knowledge available to all.



Premjit M Vidyadharan said...

Hi Alex

I am a everyday reader of your blog.
Inspired by you I started a new blog

I generally post things that is very common to everyday siebel user.

for eg:points from supportweb

Bookshelf etc..

Consider to add my blog as I keep it updated.


Premjit M Vidyadharan

Alexander Hansal said...

Hi Premjit,

thanks for submitting your blog. I kindly ask you to consider not to copy and paste from Siebel bookshelf but to contribute your own ideas and findings.

have a nice day


Joan Martí Peraire said...

It's already been fast two years since I submit my first article in my blog ( and nothing makes me happier, because little by little I realize that it's an easy way for sharing knowledge, findings and reflections.

Best wishes.

Norbert Henz said...

Hi Alex,
thanks for listing my blog, although I am not able to post twice a week