Monday, December 05, 2011

Siebel Modules Poll: Which of these do You use?

I often deliver Siebel CRM training to people who have spent years in one or more Siebel projects. What I like most in meeting them is that they already know about Siebel features and how they are used at customer sites. In the classroom, I often do a short poll when I talk about e.g. State Model whether it is used in the project and if so, what are the typical requirements that led to the decision to use exactly that module.

So I thought, this would make a nice topic for a small poll (haven't had a poll for a long time now on Siebel Essentials, have we?).

So if you have a few seconds, please visit the poll gadget in the upper right area of this page and select the Siebel Modules that are in use in one of your projects.

Have a nice poll



Siebelish said...

Yayyy...I voted for DVM, Workflows and Personalization...Personalization being my favourite.

Piyush said...

Cant believe I used everything.

Assignment Manager
Audit Trail
Siebel Remote
Data Validation Manager
State Model
Task UI
Browser Script
Server Script

Still its not my core siebel skill which is siebel EAI. Integration using JSM, MS Queue, Web Service, Local Service, HTTP, FTP

still I only knows hardly 1% of siebel.

Nachez said...

During my previous years of experience (not the current project) I think I´ve used most of them, being the Task UI features a bit of a grey area to me. My preferred one... Assignment Manager. Long hours spent playing around with that big guy... :)

mroshaw said...

I'm sorry, but those that claim they're not using Server Script are clearly lying! ;)