Monday, December 12, 2011

DAC Execution Plan Visualizations

Have you ever seen or even used the charts featured in the DAC client?

They remind me so much of my early days as a Java servlet programmer (back in the 90s) so that I found it worthwhile to share them with you in a wave of nostalgia.

When you right-click an execution plan in DAC's Execute view you find the Get Run information menu which allows you to select five different "reports". One is the DAC server log file, the second is a huge HTML report and the three below are graphical visualizations of the execution plan's tasks.

Let's have a look at the first one, the task chart. When you select a chart, you are prompted to enter the time interval, I chose 60 seconds for a rather short execution plan. The task chart is in fact a gantt chart which allows you to see when the task was beginning to be runnable (yellow bar) and actually started running (blue bar). It is a good way to check for tasks which might run but are kept runnable (or queued) maybe because of the maximum parallel tasks per Informatica server is a bit low (default is 10 tasks per server in parallel).

The phase chart displays a gantt diagram for the task phases:

The "graph..." is the only interactive chart in this group, allowing you to select four task states (Completed, Runnable, Pending and Running).

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