Monday, November 14, 2011

Siebel CRM Patchset

As announced earlier on this blog, Oracle has released Siebel CRM Patchset on My Oracle Support. Customers who use the modules mentioned below might find it interesting enough to download and evaluate.
  • ACR 560 provides support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, including the new AutoDiscover feature for Siebel Server Synch for Exchange (SSSE).
  • ACR 603 enhances Siebel Search (integration with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search) by providing support for indexing using HTTP or FTP. More information on Siebel Search enhancements in can be found in the bookshelf guide.
  • ACR 628 Provides support for Microsoft Offfice 2010
  • ACR 700 Certifies Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • ACR 719A Provides the following enhancements for Siebel Reports (with BI Publisher): SSL support and enhancements to the My Reports View.
  • ACR 753 Provides support for HP-UX Apache 3.0.3
  • ACR 754 Provides support for Oracle HTTP Server 11g
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1 comment:

Phuong Nguyen said...

Hi Alex,

As successfully updating the Siebel environment to and install ACR 560 support for Exchange 2010. Then i have started to test the synchronization with the Web Service Exchange connector including the new Autodiscover festure but i have no luck nothing happens.
I have verified the configurations of the web serivce conenctor with the Siebel Server Sync guide more time but there is nothing different.
Do you have any ideas how to check and monitor the connection between Siebel and Exchange?