Monday, November 07, 2011

New Siebel CRM Releases: and 8.2.2

Last week, Oracle released two versions of Siebel CRM.

Siebel Patchset (ID: 13078549) is available for download on My Oracle Support.
The Maintenance Release Guide for Patchset can be found as document 880452.1 here.

I will post an overview of the ACRs included in this patchset in the near future.

Much more buzz is to be expected from the general availability of Siebel CRM 8.2.2. Announced on Oracle OpenWorld 2011, this is one of the two releases (together with 8.1.1) which customers should see as their target version for slipping under the Applications Unlimited umbrella and take full advantage of the innovation packs announced for 2012. Siebel CRM 8.2.2 is intended for customers in the following areas or industries:
  • Public Sector
  • Loyalty for Travel and Transportation and Retail
  • Financial Services (with integration to Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking)
As the readme file on E-Delivery states quite clearly:

**All others should continue to target the Siebel 8.1x code line for future maintenance and innovation plans.**

The download files for Siebel CRM 8.2.2 can be found at Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud (fka as E-Delivery). You have to look for 64 bit operating systems. As it seems, Siebel 8.2.2 is only available on these. The bookshelf for the latest member of the Siebel CRM family is here. It is highly recommended to browse the "What's New..." chapters in the various guide for a first impression of new features.

I am planning several posts which keep you informed on enhancements, changes and new features that come with Siebel CRM 8.2.2.

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Anonymous said...

We are on eMedia 7.8. Does this mean Siebel 8.1.1 is the last media major Siebel release and future functionalities will be made available via innovation pack?

@lex said...

Hi Anonymous,

as Oracle says: "**All others should continue to target the Siebel 8.1x code line for future maintenance and innovation plans.**"

(I tend to read "plan" as "pack").

have a nice day


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex

you should also mention that FP is only available for the SIA codeline. Per ORACLE statement, SEA support will also be removed for older 8.1.1.x FPs soon (see Doc ID 1371556.1).


mroshaw said...

Hi Alex,

Any idea why it's appearing under 64-bit?

As far as I can see, on Windows certainly, everything is still running in the 32-bit subsystem. I can find no evidence that any components are running natively in 64-bit...


Shikshah Cuniah said...

what is the difference between versions 8.1.1.x and 8.2.2.x?


Alexander Hansal said...

Hi Shikshah,

as it says in the article, 8.2.2 is intended for customers in public sector or using specific loyalty or financial products.

Technically, 8.2.2 is a "fork" of 8.1.1. and as of, much of the functionality implemented in 8.2.2.x has been back-ported such as the loyalty features.

have a nice day


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find out if Siebel Web Server Extension could work on Hp Dl385p G8 9AMD64) platform, Sun Solaris 10, and iPlanet web server 6.1. The Siebel ver is 8.1.17 I tried hard to verify this but it's really impossible to get an answer from Oracle? I'm working on a project and need to make sure about if SWSE would work as long the Hp platform is Oracle certfied and Hp supported as well.?

Diwakar said...

We are upgrading Siebel from SIA to SIA version mainly for defects update and ensure Siebel version is comptaible with OBIEE 11g version.
Our project main focus is only on siebel marketing and campaign management.
As per the ugrade instructions we will run the OUI maintenance release installer to apply the Siebel CRM version SIA maintenance release.
We are not intending to use Open UI or any new features included in the Siebel CRM version innovation pack.
Could you kindly confirm if we should also run the incremental repository merge or can we skip this since we are not using open UI/new features in
To get the installer for Siebel CRM version SIA maintenance release, are we supposed to download the "Siebel Industry Applications Version Base Applications for AIX (Starter Installation Requirement)" with part number V39882-01 from oracle edelivery and install it on top of our Siebel build?
Kindly suggest the best practices and the installation/patch sequence for upgrade from to and the exact path/patch numbers for the required installers?

Alexander Hansal said...

Hi Diwakar,

independent of using Open UI or not, going to (Innovation Pack 2013) requires an upgrade process with incremental repository merge.

Please follow the instructions on My Oracle Support and the Database Upgrade guide.

An upgrade is a high-profile effort, so you also might want to get people on board who have experience with Siebel upgrades.

have a nice day