Monday, November 28, 2011

InvisibleStudio: An IDE for CRM Desktop

The makers of CRM Desktop for Oracle Siebel CRM (aka OnPremise), CRM OnDemand and Fusion Applications, invisibleCRM has recently announced InvisibleStudio, an IDE for customizing the CRM Desktop application.

The announcement is accompanied by a sigh of relief from the developer community who has so far been left with manual editing of a bunch of XML files for example to add a new field.

InvisibleStudio is a .NET (4.0) application and is based on the SharpDevelop IDE. One of the main and much anticipated features is the visual layout editor for CRM Desktop forms which allows graphical editing of forms instead of having to manipulate the XML files manually.

InvisibleStudio UI Designer

A wizard supports the import of CRM Desktop packages as projects into InvisibleStudio. After modifying the configuration, the developer can run the project with a single click and verify the changes in MS Outlook. All files are validated before launching Outlook in test mode, so many errors can be captured and reported beforehand.

The built-in XML editor features auto-suggest and smart highlighting as well as a decent syntax check and XSD validation. The XML editor allows direct editing of the forms XML files as well as all other XML files within the CRM Desktop package.

InvisibleStudio XML Editor
Version 1 of InvisibleStudio is planned for Q4 2011 and will support Siebel CRM OnPremise and OnDemand. Further versions will support Oracle Fusion Applications as well.

For further (and pricing) information, please contact invisibleCRM.

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AbJ said...

Hi Alex,

We want to implement CRM desktop for our client and would like to know some high-level details on its architecture, applications in scope, integration mechanism, needs for a "local-install with demo" concept.
The only document that I could find was the Siebel bookshelf document. is there some more concise details on this that can be found.