Thursday, August 04, 2011

Siebel Business Service Library - Part 20: Workflow Process Manager

In continuation of our series of the most prominent out-of-the-box business services in Siebel CRM, we arrive at the Workflow Process Manager.

This is definitely one of the most widely used business services which becomes more clear when we describe its general purpose: Execute Siebel workflow processes.

Most Siebel developers frequently use the Workflow Process Manager business service in custom scripts, user properties or runtime events to invoke workflow processes as part of the application functionality.

Furthermore, any standard Siebel installation includes the Workflow component group. Within this group we find the Workflow Process Manager server component which allows the invocation of workflow processes as a separate server process. This is extremely important for the scalability and performance of workflow processes.
Workflow runtime architecture diagram from Oracle's Workflow Guide in Siebel bookshelf.
The above diagram nicely illustrates the two ways of invoking a workflow process in Siebel CRM. "Local" invocations always occur in the calling process, most often the object manager. "Remote" invocations are picked up by the Server Request Broker and result in a separate task for the Workflow Process Manager server component.

Workflow policies are also widely known as a reliable invocation mechanism for Siebel workflow processes.

But behind the scenes, it is always the Workflow Process Manager business service which is executed.

Because of the fact that the whole shebang is heavily documented, I will now simply leave with a link to Siebel bookshelf.

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