Thursday, December 16, 2010

Siebel Business Service Library - Part 10: EAI XSLT Service

We have already covered many interesting preconfigured business services in our series. The EAI XSLT Service is among the lesser documented. Some time ago, I demonstrated a solution for stripping off the format string from a phone number, using that very business service.

Before I place a link to the content, I would like to give a quick abstract on the EAI XSLT Service.

The main purpose of the service is to apply the instructions in an XSLT file to an XML document. You can find more information on XSLT here.

The service has a single method named Transform which has the following arguments:

<Value>: The Value property of the input property set contains the XML string before the transformation. After transformation, the Value property of the output property set will contain the result of the transformation.

XSLTFileLocation: A full path to an XSLT file which will be used for the transformation.

XSLTBuffer: Optionally, we can provide the XSLT in the input property set.

XMLFileLocation: A full path to an XML file which will be read as an alternative to the Value property.

A working example how to use the EAI XSLT Service can be found here.

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