Thursday, September 09, 2010

Siebel CRM High-Interactivity Framework and Internet Explorer

Never ending story...

When engineers at Siebel Systems designed the High-Interactivity framework for the brand new High Interactivity Web Client coming with Siebel 7.0 at the beginning of this millenium, they chose a technology which was widely adopted in those days to provide a rich user experience: Microsoft's ActiveX.

Naturally, the only browser which supported it was Microsoft's very own Internet Explorer. And in 2001, when Siebel 7.0 was released, IE had a market share of something between 99.7 and 99.9% (I'm just guessing and maybe wildly exaggerating).

Totally unrelated screenshot of Netscape 3 which will never host Siebel (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Things have changed, the Siebel forums are full with questions like "does Siebel 7.5 run in Chrome?".

The bad news is that the Siebel High-Interactivity framework depends on IE, period.

The good news is that the good people at Oracle are working like beavers to get Siebel patches out which support the various versions of IE on the various MS operating systems.

Below is a small compilation of information which you might find useful.

The following document on My Oracle Support is a good start to avoid general IE configuration errors.

Siebel version 7 & 8 settings for Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8 [Doc ID 1066053.1]

The next document provides the minimum maintenance release for Siebel CRM when you are intending to use IE 7 on Windows XP or Vista:

Siebel Support for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) [Doc ID 475275.1]

These are the minimum maintenance release levels for Siebel 8.1,8.0,7.8 and 7.7 to run Siebel CRM HI clients on Windows XP and Windows Vista using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7):

The following MOS document describes the versions for IE 8 on Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP1) or Windows 7:

Siebel Support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) [Doc ID 796015.1]

In short, we must have the following minimum maintenance release levels of Siebel 8.1, 8.0, 7.8 or 7.7 to operate Siebel CRM HI clients in Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8):

Have a nice day

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Benjamin said...

Hi Alex,

from my personal experience this whole "High Interactivity Framework" thing is one of the most annoying things in the Siebel universe. For years I've been having a hard time setting up GPOs for various IE settings, preventing users from installing certain browser versions, testing and installing new fixpacks to gain new browser support, deploying the correct HI Framework versions to employee's computers, troubleshooting browser hangs and crashes due to wrong Java or HI clients, explaining to emplyoees why they should not use tabbed browsing, why they should not do this and not do that.

At least once a week I find myself thinking "Why the hell can Siebel not just be a standalone application that brings all required components with it????"

I did not work with Siebel before 7.8 so I can not tell how life was like before this decision. However when I imagine working with Siebel client could be as "smooth" as it is with Siebel Tools, I really doubt that this decision was the right one.

I'd be really interested to hear the oppinion of others regarding this.


gokuro said...

you should note that without patch users will have serious issues with MVGs and pick applets on windows 7

Jenny said...


Im a newbie to Siebel and Im trying to access the following documents you mention :
Siebel version 7 & 8 settings for Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8 [Doc ID 1066053.1]

Siebel Support for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) [Doc ID 475275.1]
However, I dont have access to MyOracle (just lost my job and access to the site unfortunately). Is it possible to upload the relevant pieces of information from these links? Ive been struggling for weeks(yes, weeks) to get the Siebel Developer client to work on Vista. Im learning Siebel and have a hard time without a Siebel client to work on. Ive tried everything I could find to get the High interactivity framework error to go away- pressing control continuously, adding the site to the safe sites etc. Ive not had any luck needless to say. Id appreciate it a lot if you could help!! Thanks a lot.

@lex said...

Hi Jenny,
thanks for your comment. It is not possible (nor allowed) to publish content made available on My Oracle Support.

My personal recommendation is that you go for a (virtual) machine with Windows XP as it is much less hassle than the other versions of Windows.

Have a nice day


Ramkumar Kashyap said...

I am trying to import some of the sifs from the REPPATCH folder. I am getting an error message on the import of Symbolic Strings - SBL-DEV-00520. Tools.cfg Symbolic String prefix is set to X_, so not sure what is going on over there.

Hope you can shed some light on the matter.



Anonymous said...

Note that Siebel High Interactivity Framework does not work with IE 64-bit. On 64-bit Windows, IE 32-bit has to be used.

Anonymous said...

Siebel "High interactivity framework" sucks...period...

There is not a single redeeming quality. It doesn't even make good use of ActiveX (which was a _very_ poor choice, BTW!) I can design a custom client on top of Salesforce and be done with it, if I can ever get my dumb ass executives to unclench and allow "their" data to be stored on Salesforce servers...