Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hardware Request

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Frequent readers of this blog might have noticed that I never much write about hardware specs. Of course - like fellow travelling Siebel CRM and Oracle BI EE professionals - I am using a corporate laptop and have a certain need to keep my own set of working Siebel and OBI EE environments for prototyping, evaluation, demonstration and self-training.

Being just that (a corporate laptop), I can not choose the hardware and operating system I would like (Oh Lord, won't you buy me...).

Anyone who ever tried to install a fully functional Siebel Enterprise or an Oracle BI Server environment on laptop hardware knows what I am talking about. Future versions of Siebel CRM or Oracle BI will definitely not be less hungry for memory and CPU than the current ones.

So how do I manage to run all of the following on a single machine?
  • Oracle Database
  • Siebel CRM Server
  • BI Publisher Server
  • Web Server
The answer is of course: virtual machines.

I use VMware Workstation for more than 10 years now and I am still impressed by the capabilities of the product. But having a virtual machine is just one thing. This post is about hardware. So here comes my recent low-budget investment in the fastest virtual machine I ever had.
That's it. I put the VM on the external solid state disk and and thanks to the e-SATA port on my laptop the VM performs as fast as the physical machine (sometimes it appears even faster to me).

I use to share the RAM equally among the physical and the virtual machine which currently adds up to 2 GB for the virtual machine and the rest (1.7) for the physical machine.

VMware allows me to use the virtual machine over the internal network, so I open the browser on the physical machine and connect to the virtual machine to make maximum use of the two CPU cores my machine has.

How about you? What hardware investments did you take in order to have a mobile and fast solution for running complex server environments.

have a nice day

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Jason Le said...

I have a Macbook Pro with 250Gb SSD, 4GB RAM. I just moved my Siebel VMs to an external USB HDD to make room for some really important games =).

I didnt notice any impacts going from SSD to USB HDD. The external HDD controller might have counter balanced the IO advantages of the SSD.


Peter said...

Another Macbook Pro, Core 2Duo with 4GB Ram and 200GB 7K200 SATA hard-disk. I do not like traveling around with external disks, so have one at home to store unused vm images. VM Ware was years ago the only choice and stuck with it .... maybe i will switch to Parallels someday...

Anonymous said...

MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, standard internal hard drive.
Faster than the Siebel Servers of my current customer.
Will never switch back to a Windows laptop.