Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is OC4J?

Below is the link to a very good post on The Art of Business Intelligence which shares some insight on the question "What is OC4J?".

Reminds me of recent discussions on managing the OC4J and the applications (such as analytics or the BI MBeans) deployed by the OBI EE installer.

Would be interesting to know how many people are

a) aware of the fact that you can manage the OBI EE server and presentation server parameters from the EM console.

b) actually using the EM console instead of directly manipulating the NQSconfig.ini or instanceconfig.xml file.

Would be great to know. Please drop a comment and share your insights.

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Ryan said...

Hi Alex,

Great post!

I just had a requirment. Its not related to the above post, but did not know where else to post it on your blog :)

Is there a way I can automate login into my gmail/facebook etc from within siebel... I know part of this could be achieved through a number of ways(SymbolicURL, Calculated Fields/Scripting)...but how do I automate the Login. How do I get to pass my username and password from within siebel to the website because the URL structure is different?

Any help is greatly appreciated



@lex said...

Hi Ryan,

if you look at the symbolic URL seed data you find how it's done for the OBI EE integration. Just search for any symbolic URL which contains *saw.dll*.

You'll find the UseSiebelLoginId and UseSiebelLoginPassword commands which allow you to pass the current Siebel username and password to the external application (in the URL).

hope this helps

have a nice day


Ryan said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I will surely try it out.