Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rittman Mead BI Training Days - Part 3

The third day of OBI EE Training ended a bit early for me as I had to go to the airport to catch my flight home.

But again the day was full of very useful and dense information. In the morning it was Borkur to show off both stamina (being the last one to leave the bar) and the capabilities of the BI infrastructure in terms of high availability.

Borkur gave a nice overview and demo of multiple presentation servers and clustered BI servers and showed what happens to the end user when one of the nodes goes down. In a nutshell, the end user has either to refresh the dashboard or request and at most has to log in again.

Mark took over then to educate the crowd on the new features of Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) 11gR2 namely the Code Templates (first sign of the tighter integration of OWB and ODI) and the capability of creating a BI server repository (via UDML) from definitions in the OWB repository.

In the afternoon, Mark introduced Oracle BI Applications, a very special version of OBI Apps which, opposed to any other version, uses Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) for the ETL. However it seems that this is kind of cul de sac but I might be wrong on that ;-)

So I'll end the report with a big Thank You to Mark, Venkat and Borkur for 3 great days of OBI EE training.

And I made some notes for future posts. So stay tuned.

Have a nice day


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