Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rittman Mead BI Training Days - Part 2

On day 2 of the BI EE Training curriculum the focus was on Hyperion Essbase.

Mark started off with an introduction of the architecture around Oracle EPM in general and how Essbase fits in.

Since the Hyperion acquisition in 2006, Oracle has two OLAP products. One being the OLAP option built into the Oracle database. The other being Hyperion Essbase. If you compare the positioning and adoption of both at customer sites you find that Essbase is much more business process centric than Oracle OLAP, which is a technology more geared towards the DBA role.

Of course the talk was also around MDX and XMLA, both standards widely adopted in the multidimensional BI world (Microsoft, SAP and Hyperion) but not for querying Oracles OLAP cubes.

In an OBI EE architectural diagram, Essbase is typically a data provider for the BI Server, but theoretically, it could be well the other way round.

Venkat took over then to please the crowd with details, tips'n'tricks and firmly grounded knowledge about how to work with Essbase cubes in the OBI EE repository. In a nutshell, the import into the physical layer creates a fair amount of objects, but simply dragging them across the layers is not enough.

pleased crowd and shiny presentations, photos by Mark Rittman

As with most automated object generators, skilled hands have to craft a decent repository which suits the customers needs. And these skilled hands are yet rare.

The day finished with Marks presentation and demo of Hyperion Planning, the most widely adopted application on top of Essbase.

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