Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rittman Mead BI Training Days - Part 1

Time to recount the tale of The Library (name of the conference room) where BI fellows from all over the world convene to imbibe advanced knowledge on the Oracle BI Suite.

Day 1 started with Mark outlining the current OBI EE architectural landscape. It's always quite impressive to see how many different products and technologies merge together. Find below a wordle with the different terms to visualize the diversity (and challenge) of the product suite.

The crowd agreed on the following:

The most critical success factor lies in getting things done right in the physical data storage. That is, if your data warehouse is in good shape, you have less hassle in the upper layers.

Also the talk was on data federation, a main feature of the BI server which is good for fast prototyping but bad for production performance.

It was also interesting to see the different approaches in modeling the business layer of the rpd file. One would tend to drag things from physical to business model but why not start with modeling first and then map to the physical layer. The model first approach gives you more flexibility and usually serves better in translating the business requirements.

In the afternoon, Venkat delighted the audience with solid demos of how to integrate iBots with JavaScript and Java. Did you know that it takes only three lines of JavaScript code to write the iBot delivery content to a file? Or did you know that you can watermark the pdf using the BI Publisher Java API and then send it even to non OBI EE users?

Borkurs talk was last and discussed the various tools and techniques to manage the OBI EE systems including a demo of the BI Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

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