Monday, October 26, 2009

Oracle BI EE: Train the Trainer

As the siebel-essentials regular you most probably are, you might have noticed a certain bias towards Siebel CRM related posts and a lack of Oracle BI EE related posts in the younger past.

Some reasons for the Siebel overweight are that
  • Siebel CRM is much more complex than OBI EE (admit it or post a comment...)
  • You can screw more things more totally up in Siebel CRM than in OBI EE
  • I spent much of the past months on Siebel CRM related training, workshops and projects
  • There are so many splendid blogs on OBI EE out there that there are few things left to explore
This week however, I'll enjoy the privilege to take a seat in the training sessions of the Rittman Mead Oracle BI training days (starting tomorrow) in London.

So I think there will be plenty of fuel for OBI EE related postings in the near future. Stay tuned.

have a nice day


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Mahendra said...

Even though your posts more biased towards Siebel CRM but I appreciate your efforts for the same.