Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zero footprint browser

Recently, I came across a nice way to test web-based applications such as Siebel CRM or Oracle BI EE in different web browsers without the need to install them (the browsers that is).

Sometimes it is even impossible to install several browser versions in parallel such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6,7 and 8 on a single machine.

Xenocode is offering a software virtualization engine and on their homepage they made several browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari available as a single .exe file. This allows you to run any of these browsers without the need to install/uninstall. Just start the .exe and enter the URL.

So how does Siebel 8.1 feel in IE 8?

And how about Oracle BI EE in Safari?

Doesn't do flash, does it, but a nice icon anyway ;-)

Have a nice day


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