Monday, February 16, 2009

Siebel CRM Upgrade Workshop

I am currently delivering a Siebel CRM upgrade workshop at a german customer site.

When I joined Siebel in 2001, I sat the notorious new hire bootcamp with Siebel 2000 as the base version. Later in 2001, Siebel released the first web-based version of 7.0.

Customers all across the globe were confronted with a so-called platform upgrade which migrated the former client-server application to the new web architecture.

Painstaking is one of the words that applies to many of these projects. Especially if the Siebel application was heavily customized (often times using extreme amounts of script code - often in the wrong places).

Despite all the pain points, upgrading to a new Siebel version is a necessity to leverage the new functionality. This is why we developed the upgrade workshop.

It provides customers and partners with the possibility to run a so-called sandbox upgrade of their development environment in a safe harbor, assisted by an experienced Siebel instructor. This kind of upgrade enables all participants to assess and estimate the level of effort needed for the entire upgrade project.

We offer the workshop in any length from a 1 day seminar to a 5 day workshop. If you feel interested please leave a comment to this post.

I also opened a small poll on top of this site. Please take a minute and share your current version, your upgrade plans and your upgrade experience with the community.

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