Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oracle BI EE and MBeans

Want to take a tour with me?

Have your Oracle BI EE instance started? Ready to explore something new? Here we go:

1. Go to Start > Programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > Systems Management

2. Log in as oc4jadmin. If you can not remember the password, here is a blog post describing how to reset it.

3. Click the Applications tab. This is the place where you find all registered applications in your OC4J, such as good ol' xmlpserver (also known as BI Publisher), bioffice (the BI Office integration, which - funny enough - is only supported on OC4J, not on IIS), analytics (Presentation Services) and - the focus of this post - Oracle BI Management

4. Click the icon in the Application Defined MBeans column for Oracle BI Management.

5. Spend the next 10 minutes exploring this page. What you see here are the management beans for Oracle BI services. You can view and modify all parameters for Oracle BI Server and Oracle BI Presentation Server as well as see some performance information.

You can use the search option to query for specific parameters.

What is exceptionally nice, is that almost every parameter possible is shown (which is not the case in NQSconfig.ini or instanceconfig.xml) and sports a useful description.

When you set a parameter, you have to click the Apply button and restart the respective service. The MBean changes the respective .ini or .xml file for you, but does not restart the service or refresh it's cache.

Why the tour?

Hope this promotes the idea of a centrally managed BI enterprise environment.

Have a nice day

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