Friday, October 17, 2008

Siebel 8.1 Online Training

get ready...

As indicated in my previous post, Siebel 8.1 will be released in due time (sorry, no exact date as usual).

This is a somewhat filtered post, as the information is intended for Oracle Partners and Oracle Employees. I am not sure about the procedures for Oracle customers to access the manifold web-based trainings on Siebel CRM 8.1.

It is known to the greater public, that Siebel CRM 8.1 is currently under limited availability. Customers wishing to start their new or upgrade projects with the new milestone release have to sign special agreements with Oracle.

However, for almost one year, TOIs (transfer of information) are available to Oracle Partners and Employees, did I mention that they are free of charge?

This is the procedure to access these TOIs:

1. Go to
2. Log on using your Oracle Partner or Employee account
3. Click the Education link
4. In the learning path, click Search for Training

5. Enter Siebel 8.1 in the search field for Online Courses

6. You are now in ilearning
7. If you don't see any search results, click the Advanced Search link (Not seeing search results is a somewhat weird behavior of the ilearning catalog which might lead to the assumption that there is no training on Siebel 8.1, but there definitely is...)
8. Enter the following query in the advanced query form:

Name contains exactly Siebel AND Name contains exactly 8.1

9. You should see a result list now

10. Click the All results in Self-paced Topics link and select your desired trainings

Happy prepping ;-)


Lennard said...

Are you sure Actuate is not compatible anymore. the TOI information states that Actuate can still be used. Post 2009 no actuate anymore from Oracle.

@lex said...

Hi Lennard,

there are three indicators of high reliability for the discontinuation of Actuate support.

1. The statement in the current bookshelf (Installation Guide for Windows 8.1, page 14): "The Actuate products formerly provided as Siebel Reports Server are no longer shipped with or supported by Siebel CRM version 8.1 or later."

2. The absence of the ACTUATE folder (and therefore executables) from the Developer/Mobile Web Client installation folder.

3. The ineffectiveness of setting the ReportEngineType System Preference to BOTH.

I would say this is very strong evidence. The TOIs might state information from 8.1.0 (which supported BIP/ACTUATE coexistence).