Friday, October 31, 2008

Oracle buys Haley

another cat in - er - out of the bag

As can be read here and here, Oracle has entered into an agreement to acquire RuleBurst Holdings Limited, the parent company of Haley Limited (Haley) on October 29th 2008.

For Siebel CRM developers working with Siebel 8.0, Haley is no stranger. Since 8.0, Siebel CRM sports the Business Rules engine together with the Haley Authority to implement centralized business rules in what they call "natural" english.

It has been a controversial feature ever since it was released, and this acquisition will certainly fuel the discussions again. Too early to say what role the Haley engine will play in Oracle Applications, but my personal opinion is that it will not be a minor one.

[Update 1]: A presentation is available on the deal, giving an idea of the emphasis on governmental, financial and insurance projects.

[Update 2]: RuleBurst of Australia acquired Haley Systems in 2007 and kept the Haley name. The RuleBurst flagship product is now called Haley Office Rules, while the original Haley product we (Siebel people) all know as Haley Authority is now called Haley Expert Rules. For those who are only familiar with Haley Authority - as integrated with Siebel CRM 8.0 - the Haley Office Rules product is much more powerful than the Haley Expert Rules. E.g. you can simply copy and paste a policy document, adjust the verbiage and model your rules.

Many thanks to Brian for this information.

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Bytus said...

Pity. I was hoping for this to die away quick and it seems like it here to stay.