Friday, September 12, 2008

Oracle BI EE Variables

really quick

Some time ago I compiled a document about the various variables in Oracle BI EE, how to set them, how to get them etc.

We have the following variables in Oracle BI EE:

1. Server-side variables
1.1. Repository variables (dynamic and static)
1.2. Session variables (system and non-system)

2. Presentation variables

I tried to condense the information of the a/m document and have created a single page doc which gives an overview of the variable types and how to

  • initialize the variables
  • set the variable values
  • access the variable values from within the rpd and Answers (all about the notorious @{variable} style syntax in Answers)


Shruti Potdar said...

perfect :) very helpful

Patrick Dean said...

Hi there, the link does not work, the server says that the link is dead. This doc could be rather useful for me to get default session variables fior Answers reports, particularly Date variables (eg LAST_MONTH_START_DAY, but I don't know what is the LAST_MONTH_END_DAY - should work but doesn't) so you doc would useful.
Thanks, Pstrick

Patrick Dean said...

Hi again, looks like I found it, need to tweak my googling somewhat: