Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oracle BI EE Courses

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So you have to get up to speed with Oracle BI EE 10g (formerly known as Siebel Analytics) and don't know where to start?

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This post is here to help. It organizes the course offerings by products so you should be able to easily identify the ideal learning path for you or your colleagues. Please click on the link to view details about the course content and schedule.

General Overview, Architecture of Oracle BI EE 10g:
Oracle BI 10g: Analytics Overview (1 day)

Oracle Answers, Dashboards, Delivers, BI Office, Briefing Books, Presentation Server:
Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Create Reports and Dashboards (3 days)
Allows to certify as Siebel 7.7 Analytics Application Developer Professional

Oracle BI Publisher (formerly known as XML Publisher):
Oracle BI Publisher 10g: Fundamentals (3 days)

Oracle BI Administration Tool, BI Server:
Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Build Repositories (5 days)
Allows to certify as Siebel 7.7 Analytics Server Architect Professional

Oracle BI Applications, Pre-built ETL, DAC Server, Informatica Repository:
Oracle BI Applications 7.9: Develop a Data Warehouse (5 days)
Allows to certify as Siebel 7.7 Data Warehouse Developer Professional

Siebel CRM Marketing Enterprise (Uses Integration with Oracle BI EE 10g):

Marketing Manager (Siebel 7.7) - User perspective (2 days)
Marketing: Server Architect (Siebel 7.7) - Administrator perspective (3 days)

Siebel Pharma Analytics, Disconnected Analytics:
Pharma Analytics (Siebel 7.8) (2 days)

Real-Time Decisions (RTD):
Oracle BI 10g: Real-Time Decisions (RTD) for Developers (3 days)

These courses are offered worldwide as instructor-led classroom trainings or as live virtual classes via the internet.

If you feel that 27 days of training is not enough (or too expensive ;-) there is another possibility to quickly get to grips with the one or the other Oracle Product. This is the online tutorial offering at the Oracle Technology Network.

The tutorials on Oracle BI are free of charge as all the other tutorials that you find there.

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