Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Business Process Solution Library (Updated)

Here I go again

If you have been involved in Siebel CRM projects over the past years, you might have come across some business analyst who mentioned the Siebel Business Process Solution Library (BPSL), which has been released as part of the strong business process strategy together with Siebel CRM version 7.5 in 2002.

Teaching the approach to analyze your business processes and align them with the out of the box functionality BEFORE you start customizing the hell out of your CRM app during the Business Analyst courses*, Siebel instructors all over the world were challenged to position the library NOT as a complete encyclopedia of all business processes that you can do in Siebel applications. To be honest, this would be a ridiculously small library given the vast functionality of Siebel CRM.

In contrary, the BPSL describes - that is at least mho - common best practice approaches to business processes which are (of course) supported in Siebel out of the box.

However, the BPSL has had a rich (including integration with Corel iGrafx and IBM Rational Requisite) but also difficult past and finally has emerged again on metalink3, Oracle's support portal for Siebel CRM customers. So if you have access to metalink3, you also have access to the link below.

Link to BPSL on My Oracle Support (Document Id 554746.1; credentials needed)

*Note: The current Business Analyst training does not teach the BPSL.


Tara Ma said...

The BPSL link you shared no longer works. I am a BA and you can imagine for critical is the BPSL for me.

Please can you tell me where can I access those documents now.

Alexander Hansal said...

Hi Tara Ma,

please try this link: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=554746.1.

You need to log in to My Oracle Support in order to access the document.

Alternatively, you can search on My Oracle Support for document ID 554746.1

have a nice day